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Representatives from SSI (formerly known as ShipConstructor Software Inc.) have authored papers on 3 topics: sharing information from Engineering; 3D visualization; and 2D drawing generation from a 3D model. The papers will be presented at ICCAS 2013, the 12th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding. The event will be held September 24 - 26 in Busan, Korea.

Empowered Engineering: Availability of Engineering Data throughout the Shipyard

Authors: Denis Morais, Mark Waldie and Darren Larkins

AbstractShipyards use multiple computer applications to create and process information but sharing data between programs is problematic. Attempts have been made to solve this problem via manual processes or costly, yet incomplete, service based integrations. Other times, a monolithic, single-vendor approach has been tried but inadequacies of the component parts have led to other challenges.

Therefore, using modern web-based technologies including REST, WCF and JSON with a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SSI is working with key clients to develop a product focused approach to enterprise-wide availability of engineering data that is cost-effective, scalable, configurable, consistent, and transparent. The solution, called "SSI EnterprisePlatform", includes task/change based management at the engineering level as well as automatic publishing of every aspect and type of information around a completed change to all of the various consumers: ERP, MRP, PLM, PDM, or other departments performing dependent tasks including FEA, QC, and planning.

A Scalable Approach to 3D Visualization & Review throughout the Shipbuilding Lifecycle

Authors: Darren Larkins, Mark Waldie and Denis Morais

AbstractThere are advantages to having an accurate and detailed 3D visualization model of a vessel available throughout every stage of the shipbuilding process. However, many approaches are too costly, complex, rigid or difficult. For instance, shipbuilding specific 3D visualization technology is often limited compared to solutions from major CAD vendors that are targeted at a wider audience. These weaknesses include a comparatively limited number of options for visualizing data from other programs. Additionally, this software (developed for engineers) is not easy to use. By contrast, software from the large traditional CAD vendors may be more intuitive and have a wide range of capabilities but generally lacks the ability to visualize attribute rich vessel models from shipbuilding specific programs. To overcome these challenges, SSI has implemented a system using 3D visualization technology from Autodesk that enables on-demand, lightweight, and accessible visualization of a ShipConstructor 3D model with all intelligent attributes.

2D in a 3D World: Classification Drawings from the 3D Product Model

Authors: Denis Morais, Darren Larkins, and Mark Waldie 

AbstractClassification drawings have traditionally been developed in 2D software (e.g. AutoCAD) but separate applications are used for the development of a 3D design and engineering model. This results in duplicate effort, rework and error. To try to solve this problem, several shipbuilding specific software packages now can generate class approval drawings from the 3D model. However, these programs lack the detailing capabilities offered by AutoCAD so in practice, AutoCAD is still used as well. Thus, the problem with duplicate effort remains and is compounded as changes occur because the drawings are disconnected from the 3D model.

This paper discusses a solution to the above industry challenge which consists of a new product from SSI called MarineDrafting. SSI MarineDrafting allows standard 2D AutoCAD drawings to be automatically generated from the 3D ShipConstructor model according to specific class rules and shipyard standards while remaining linked to the 3D model as changes occur.

Conference website: http://www.rina.org.uk/ICCAS-2013.html

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