Sunshine Biofuels "Spill Safe" and Biodegradable Fuel

By MarEx 2014-04-01 11:10:00

The company now brings replacement fuel for marine diesel that can save thousands of dollars per week and effectively reduce environmental impact.

Sunshine Biofuels now offers a replacement fuel for marine diesel and fuel oils. Branded as Sunshine Renewable Diesel and formulated for marine vessels, it is positioned to save consumers anywhere from 10% to $1 per gallon, depending upon the market price of diesel.

The fuel is of high quality and has been certified by Inspectorate, one of the largest petroleum testing lab companies in the world. Being non-toxic, it is environment friendly and safer for handling and storage than the petroleum equivalents.

According to a company spokesperson, “Sunshine Renewable Diesel has the biodegradability of sugar and the toxicity of table Salt. This allows for an easier clean-up if spilled in the marine environment. As we see now with the Galveston Fuel Spill, the value of this biodegradable fuel goes well beyond the initial savings, as cleanup costs from spills would also be significantly less than the petroleum alternative.”

It has taken seven years of intense work and capital investment for Sunshine Biofuels to deliver this diesel alternative marine fuel. The cost effective and practical fuel can be presented in business models that benefit both the end users and the distributors of diesel or fuel oil. Distributors benefit from higher margins than the petroleum market allows. And the end users are able to get the best available cost benefit in the US Market.

“Sunshine Renewable Diesel is compatible with high speed diesel engines as well as low and medium speed diesel engines. Storage of the product is comparably risk-free because the fuel is sourced from vegetable oils. It has a higher flashpoint than Biodiesel and lower toxicity due to the reduced amount of chemicals used in its manufacturing process,” claims the Michael Lokey, CEO of the company.

The fuel can be delivered in standard 40’ ISO containers internationally, which allows the fuel to reach the competitive European biofuel markets. Delivery is also available to US ports by tanker. With Sunshine Biofuel’s inclusive philosophy, small users are able to procure the fuel and benefit from the savings. The company delivers the biodegradable fuel in containers as small as 275 gallons.

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