New AVEVA Marine Enhancements Set New Standards in Fabrication Performance

A new set of features provide improved fabrication information for pipes and steel outfitting to improve efficiency

By MarEx 2013-06-04 10:04:00


AVEVA announced today that it has further strengthened its AVEVA Marine software portfolio with efficiency enhancements to better manage production information. New and improved features have been added to AVEVA Outfitting to better control Pipe and Steel Outfitting fabrication. These features will enable shipbuilders and offshore engineers to benefit from tools to manage the entire production process from design to workshop, resulting in a more production efficient design and increased accuracy of production information.

Within AVEVA Outfitting, Pipe Fabrication enables a piping designer to create cost-optimized, production-ready pipe designs at the outset.  Steel Outfitting enables steel parts to be directly generated in the same way as hull parts, reducing design time and further improving the quality of production.

"To deliver cost efficient projects, production processes need to be considered early in the design process", said Bruce Douglas, Senior Vice-President, EDS Strategy & Marketing, AVEVA.  "With these new features, production engineering can now be done earlier within the design model, leading to a design that is more efficient for production.

"AVEVA Marine is already proven as the best-in-class hull and outfitting design solution for production, but we are continually improving the performance and efficiency of our systems to ensure that they meet and anticipate the needs of the industry. We worked closely with customers to develop these new product enhancements to improve production efficiency"

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