Mitsui Develops Multi-Gas Carrier

By MarEx 2014-10-04 03:59:00

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES), foreseeing the effects of the shale gas revolution to maritime industries, has been developing new type medium size multi gas carrier for sea transport of LNG and co-products of shale gas such as ethane and ethylene gas (LEG).

In the coming decade, LNG carriers (LNGC) will probably be classified into large scale LNGC and medium scale LNGC centering on the hub ports over the world.

Meanwhile, LEG carriers (LEGC), which have been usually small ones, are expected to shift to larger LEGCs, which are comparable with medium scale LNGC in terms of capacity.

In the expectation of the new market development on the intersection of the two trends and growing trade scale of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) such as propane and butane, MES developed “neo82GC”, a prototype of medium size multi gas carrier.

In the past years, MES has developed and offered to the market its “neo” series, next generation eco-friendly ships, in the bulk carrier sector. This time, a gas carrier is added to the lineup. 

MES will get support from Moss Maritime to collaborate in a further technical review of the multi gas carrier. MES continues to focus on expanding the lineup and accumulating an order backlog of “neo” series so as to have its brand further established.

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