MHG Medical Management Services Announces Company Name Change

By MarEx 2014-11-04 14:43:00

MHG Medical Management Services today announced a company name change to VIKAND, effective November 3rd, 2014. The international medical management company also unveiled a complete rebranding that includes the launch of a brand new website and expanded social media presence. 

MHG Insurance Brokers and MHG Medical are both strong brands within the maritime space and, naturally, there can be some confusion between the two.  The name and brand change is designed to ensure that our clients are able to properly differentiate between the two separate brands.  MHG Insurance Brokers is a leading insurance brokerage providing insurance advice and solutions for Marine Crew, businesses and groups and individuals around the world and continues to offer a variety of services, including Marine Crew insurance, US Health insurance, Business insurance, Travel insurance and Expatriate insurance.

Since MHG Medical started out with a strong Scandinavian and Northern European influence, the company wanted to incorporate that into their new identity, along with our “We Can” philosophy.  VIKAND (Vee Kaand) is a play on the Swedish phrase “Vi Kan”, meaning “We Can”.  To make the name unique, the letter “d” was added to emphasize the new logo tag line “Expert Medical Advice on Demand”.

Continuing the Nordic theme, the lady in the logo speaking words of wisdom was inspired by the Norse mythological Goddess Vör.  Vör, (an Old Norse word, possibly meaning “aware”), is a protective Goddess associated with wisdom.  

The company, a dedicated marine medical services provider, has continued to expand and evolve and, new opportunities have taken the company in a different direction, creating a new identity.  To properly convey the new identity and capabilities of the company, a complete rebranding was necessary.  The refreshed brand identity and new website aim to communicate this brand and encapsulate VIKAND’s service offerings.

VIKAND’s services include full third-party management of shipboard medical facilities, medical consulting, auditing and regulatory compliance, telemedicine and remote medical advice and support, biomedical and X-ray equipment inspection and calibration, formulary management, medical center design and review, Pre-Employment Medical Examination support, crew wellness and more. 

Ahead of the rebranding, the medical management company undertook a review of the way it communicates and engages with its clients.  As a result, VIKAND created its brand new website ( and expanded social media channels to more succinctly define how VIKAND's end to end services will refine their client's medical operations.  The new site is designed to better communicate the company’s consultancy services and capabilities, as well as the knowledge, experience and expertise of the medical team. 

Peter Hult, President of VIKAND said of the launch: "Our business success depends on providing our clients with optimal service.  As VIKAND continues to offer new services, the rebrand and enhanced communication will showcase our customized expertise that results in an even better customer experience for our clients.  Our aim remains to generate exponential ROI for our clients.”

Dr William Heymann, Medical Director, said: "This rebranding comes at a time when VIKAND's offerings are continuing to grow. The recently launched Biomedical and X-ray Equipment Inspection and Calibration Services are in high demand and, in the coming weeks, more new services will be announced.”

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