Kickstarter Launches an Offshore Aluminum Boat Offering Class and Economy

By MarEx 2013-10-21 09:53:00

Xtaeros, Inc. today announced that it has received approval from to attract backers via in order to launch the XT Raven demo boat. 

“In everything we do we are looking to challenge the status quo in the aluminum boat industry.” Explains Xtaeros, Inc. President and CEO Travis Brandt of Seattle.  “Traditionally the innovation in the industry relies on tenants of tradition and two dimensional modeling.  Not only are we only striving forward in 3D we are seeking to break the traditional financing methods that, in and of themselves, stymie new processes in the aluminum boat industry.  Because of its broad reach outside of the industry Kickstarter is exactly what is needed to dramatically progress ‘group think’ so aluminum boat design and construction can freely and naturally rise up to par – or hopefully exceed – the aviation and automobile industries.”

“We are seeking $380,000 from Kickstarter backers and we hope to attract boaters, innovators, experiencers and people just passionate about seeing progress being made.” Said Brandt.  “Funds will be used to cut and form metal for the company Demonstrator Boat and secure tooling and processes to turn on production. A proof of concept boat is already complete and under its own power in North Vancouver. It was constructed to verify hull performance and is currently being fished on regularly by its more than happy owner.”

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