Introduction to Ship Stability & Trim

By MarEx 2013-05-10 11:38:00

This new training video, produced in cooperation with leading experts on ship stability (William George, author of "Stability and Trim for the Ship's Officer," PMI/MITAGS and Peter Ohnstad), utilizes modern animations and a bit of humor to help the learner visualize key terms and concepts.


• Understand draft marks, load lines, displacement, freeboard and the impact of changes to a vessel's loaded condition

• Visual definitions of keel, centerline, depth, beam, forward perpendicular, waterline, transverse and more

• Conceptualize the relationship between center of buoyancy and center of gravity

• See how metacenter, trim, and heel are calculated and how they affect a moving vessel

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Cost: $250 (free shipping)

Length: 19 minutes

While computers have made stability calculations easier, it's still important to understand the core concepts behind stability and how to keep your vessel stable, especially when weight is being transferred.
The danger of not understanding your ship's stability can be catastrophic. Vessels have been lost due to asymmetrical loads and even something as minor as a valve not being closed.

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