ITF Calls for Unconventional Approach to Solve Technology Challenges

By MarEx 2013-03-04 09:52:00

ITF, the global technology facilitator, will launch a call for proposals later this month to find solutions for characterization of unconventional reservoirs.

The call is the outcome of a workshop held in February in London, attended by experts in unconventional reservoir geomechanics. This identified a pressing need for work in this area to inform up and coming development of unconventional reservoirs.

Colin Sanderson, Senior Technology Analyst of ITF said, “Unconventional gas could potentially account for around half of total recoverable gas reserves, and companies are keen to develop this important resource. While there has already been a lot of activity with respect to unconventional reservoirs in the United States, there has been less development in Europe and we are looking to fill some of the technology gaps that currently exist.

“By submitting their proposals to ITF, technology developers have the opportunity for their ideas to be reviewed by major oil and gas players and could also secure up to 100% funding to realise their novel technologies, whilst retaining full intellectual property rights.”

The geomechanical characterization call will be the third to have been issued as a result of a technology roadmap on the topic of unconventional reservoirs that was defined by ITF’s member companies. 

Specific areas of interest include failure conditions understanding (the yield envelope), coupled fracture models, understanding in-situ stress (through hydraulic methods), better predictive techniques for natural fractures, understanding in-situ geomechanical properties, permeability change with production and understanding induced seismicity.

Sanderson concludes: “The call for proposals will be open to entries from small and medium sized enterprises, academic and research institutions and large industry players alike. We would also be interested in receiving proposals from outside of the oil and gas sector where appropriate. For example there may be transferable expertise and technology relating to this topic within the mining industry.”

The call for proposals will be issued around the end of March. For more information about the call please contact Colin Sanderson or visit and register to be notified of calls.

ITF, the technology facilitator for the global oil and gas industry, is a not-for-profit organisation owned by 32 international oil and gas operator and service companies.  It is the only global collaborative R&D funding programme operating across continents.  Since its formation in 1999, the organisation has facilitated the launch of almost 200 joint industry projects (JIPs) from early stage projects through to field trials and commercialisation.  It aims to secure a further £50 million for technologies by 2015.

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