Dayang Shipbuilding Delivers 200th Ship

SINOPACIFIC's forward looking strategy and technology driven policy are still delivering excellent results

By MarEx 2014-10-16 16:12:00

An additional IMR GPA696 was christened and delivered at Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd on October 15th, 2014. This ship also marks an important milestone for Dayang as it is the 200th vessel constructed since the company was founded. Representatives from the government, banks, BOURBON, BV, supervisors, suppliers and media were present at the shipyard to witness this rather memorable moment. 

As one of the construction bases of the Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group (SINOPACIFIC), Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (Dayang Shipyard) is well known for its strategic plan to achieve “Perfection in simple products”. The 200 vessels delivered by Dayang Shipyard have all been for international clients, and include 142 bulk carriers, 44 OSVs, 10 container ships and 4 LPG vessels for a total deadweight of 8.923 million tons.

Mr. Simon Liang, Chairman & CEO of SINOPACIFIC, expressed his sincere gratitude to colleagues in the industry and company employees. “Thanks to our cooperation and joint efforts, SINOPACIFIC Dayang Shipyard is able, today, to achieve this 200 ship milestone!" He stressed, “Starting from the first 53500 DWT bulk carrier, the serialization of our products and processes has enabled Dayang Shipyard to develop fast; Among the many vessels that Dayang Shipyard has delivered, our own brand products with our in-house design account for as much as 53%, most of which are environmentally-friendly and energy-saving vessels. This milestone highlights the strength and ensuing productivity brought by SINOPACIFIC’s strategy and technology driven policy.” 

The newly built GPA696 IMR vessel named during the ceremony is widely acknowledged as one of the most sophisticated OSVs (Offshore Support Vessel) in the world. It is already the 7th vessel of the GPA696 series constructed by SINOPACIFIC. It is a world-class ship design equipped with the most advanced equipment and systems, thus meeting with the rigorous requirements of deep water operations. In 2011, the first GPA696 was successfully delivered by SINOPACIFIC Zhejiang Shipyard (the second SINOPACIFIC shipbuilding base), which became the first Chinese shipyard to construct an OSV with such a highly sophisticated design. This also marked a significant milestone in the OSV industry development at the time. 

In recent years, SINOPACIFIC has continued launching leading design vessels, highlighting the company’s technology-driven strategy. In fact, the GPA696 project has been witness to the growth of SINOPACIFIC over the years, as the company has become one of the leading OSV shipbuilding companies worldwide. From the outset, SINOPACIFIC started cooperation with leading design companies, adapting the production design to its own shipyard processes, then building an international OSV management team and setting up SINOPACIFIC Norway AS as well as cooperating with the cluster of leading OSV technical and equipment suppliers in Northern Europe. All of this has enabled SINOPACIFIC to successfully establish itself as a trustworthy world-class OSV manufacturer. 

Recently, SINOPACIFIC has secured OSV orders from major European and American ship owners from countries such as Norway. The company’s in-house design OSV under the “SP” brand has achieved its first orders from diversified markets such as Russia, Mexico and Singapore. Furthermore, in July 2014, SINOPACIFIC’s first domestic order for OSVs was signed for the “SP” brand design. 

Since its foundation 10 years ago, SINOPACIFIC has continued to provide world-class products and services to the industry. To date, nearly 400 vessels have been successfully delivered by the Group as a whole. In September 2014, both shipbuilding bases; Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. were confirmed on the list of by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, becoming one of the first batch of 50 shipbuilders to be approved. This not only shows that SINOPACIFIC has won full recognition for its shipbuilding capacity, but also means that further policy preferences and support could be accessed. 

Moreover, Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering Co., LTD (SOE), sister company of Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group (SINOPACIFIC) and subsidiary of Evergreen Holding Group, has also been confirmed on this list. SOE focuses on gas carriers & offshore modules in its construction base in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China. That means that the three shipbuilding bases belonging to Evergreen Holding Group have been approved by the government.  

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