Alu Design to Create Marine Chair

By MarEx 2014-10-22 09:54:00

There’s a new designer in the driving seat at Alu Design. Per Ivar Selvaag, the acclaimed former Lead Designer at BMW Group and Chief Designer of Peugeot’s concept car division, has signed an exclusive agreement with the Kristiansand, Norway-based company to design its advanced marine pilot and operator chairs.

In what Alu Design CEO Einar Ulrichsen describes as “a huge coup for the business”, Selvaag and his team at San Francisco-based Montaag have agreed to work on the firm’s state-of-the-art moulded aluminium chairs on an on-going project-by-project basis. As part of the deal, Montaag will not design marine chairs for any other manufacturer.

“This is an incredible development,” states Ulrichsen. “Per Ivar has a world-class design pedigree and, through his vast experience in the car industry, a unique understanding of ergonomics and delivering enhanced user experience. He’s worked with true global leaders in industrial manufacturing and design and the insight he can bring to our product development process is invaluable.

“To create the best products you need the best people, and with Per Ivar that’s exactly what we have.”

Selvaag, originally from Fogn, near Stavanger in Norway, has a breathtaking CV.

Alongside his roles at BMW, where, amongst other projects, he designed the popular 4-series range, and Peugeot, where he unveiled his startling Peugeot HX1 hybrid concept car, Selvaag has enjoyed tenures at General Motors Advanced Design, and Lincoln Design Organization, where he was Design Manager. He founded Montaag after 15 years as a vehicle designer, with the objective of moving into more diverse product design - an ambition perfectly encapsulated by the new deal:

“Marine pilot chairs are uniquely challenging from a technical stand-point and are terrific design projects to be involved in, “Selvaag says, explaining: “The consideration of utility, first and foremost, but also the roles played by technology, form factor and something as abstract as individual character provide a complex and intriguing development canvas.”

He notes that he and his team will address each project with “a methodical, analytical and research-driven approach”, adding: “Our goal is to design marine pilot chairs that positively stand out, helping Alu Design to fulfil its potential by providing a competitive edge that makes a true, lasting difference.” 

The two parties have now begun collaborating on several yet-to-be-announced projects. These, Ulrichsen states, will demonstrate the firm’s ambition to retain and strengthen its leading position in this specialist marine niche:

“We’re always focused on the future and driving forwards our product design, quality and optimal standards in user experience. Per Ivar and his team give us a new, external perspective and an even greater determination to create solutions that aren’t only beautiful, but deliver tangible benefits for our international customer base.

“Alu Design’s stated goal is creating ‘a better seat’,” Ulrichsen concludes. “We’re excited that Per Ivar is now onboard to help us to fulfil that commitment to the market.”

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