World First for Weighing Containers on Chassis

By MarEx 2016-10-30 16:58:14

Container weighing solution company Bison has launched what it claims is the world’s first system for weighing containers on trailer chassis. 

The system comes with recent amendments to the SOLAS convention forcing shippers around the world to verify the weight of every export container with certified weighing equipment or processes. The SOLAS rule change has added cost and complexity to container shipping operations, with many shippers having to adopt inefficient or poorly timed weighing processes, such as hauling containers extra distances to offsite weighbridges or weighing every single cargo item before it is loaded into the container. 

Bison’s C-Legs aims to solve this problem by equipping shippers with a means of accurately weighing containers on chassis in any location, without reliance on capital-intensive weighbridges, cranes and container handlers.
The C-Legs are self-contained scales that attach to and lift a container just clear of the chassis, then transmit the gross container weight via Bluetooth to a smart phone App. The App confirms the container’s weight distribution, captures photos and shipment details and sends weight certificates and related data via email.

C-Legs are compatible with shipping containers of all types and sizes up to 35,000kg and work with both air and spring suspension chassis.
The new system follows the company’s C-Jacks system, a portable system for weighing grounded shipping containers.