Video: Where the Truckers Sleep in Rotterdam

Published Aug 8, 2019 5:06 PM by The Maritime Executive

Every evening the Port of Rotterdam's Maasvlakte Plaza fills with trucks, as shown in the time-lapse above. The video shows the site over a 24-hour cycle including the huge exodus before daybreak and a lull during the afternoon, after which things start getting crowded again until 3.00 am, when the first trucks start to leave again. 

The truck park has almost 360 spaces. For a small fee, truckers can stay there safely and enjoy all conveniences such as showers, toilets, washing machines and dryers, lockers and trucker restaurant Routiers.

The site, which opened in 2017, is now so popular that there’s regularly just one space left. The Port Authority has decided to have the site expanded by a further 200 spaces this autumn, saying additional good parking spaces in the port improves driver and cargo safety.