Video: Sinking of the Tugboat Specialist

By MarEx 2016-04-05 21:22:38

[Brief] Newsday has published video of the sinking of the tug Specialist on the Hudson River the morning of March 12. 

The footage was shot by an individual near the construction barge struck by the tug, and was provided to media by James Forde, attorney for the deceased captain of the vessel, Paul Amon. 

The tug has since been raised and the bodies of all three of her crewmembers recovered. A preliminary report on the accident is expected soon.

The Specialist went down at the Tappan Zee Bridge on the Hudson after striking a stationary construction barge. She was one of three tugs maneuvering a barge under the bridge at the time of impact. Neither of the other two tugboats made contact with an object, nor were any of the construction workers on the stationary barge injured.

The tug's impact with the construction barge and subsequent sinking is the second marine casualty involving floating construction equipment for the Tappan Zee Bridge project. 

Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe told a news conference at the time of her raising that the tug will now go "to a discreet location so that we can continue the investigation . . . and then after that it's up to the owners as to what happens to it."