Video: Coastal Freighter Goes Aground at Port of M'diq, Morocco


Published Feb 20, 2023 3:55 PM by The Maritime Executive

Over the weekend, a freighter ran aground on a breakwater at the small Mediterranean port of M'diq, Morocco, putting the lives of the crew at risk. 

The riverine freighter Livana ran aground at M'diq's outer breakwater on Saturday. According to local authorities, the vessel's engine failed, and in rough weather, she drifted onto a jetty of concrete jacks. Responders mobilized fire engines, a boom crane and a military helicopter to attempt to bring the crew safely to shore. Morocco's navy, national ports agency, merchant navy department and national police were involved in the rescue effort. 

Using a breeches buoy rig, the first responders safely rescued eight seafarers, all Syrian and Indian nationals. One individual remains missing.

Efforts to prevent any pollution from the vessel's bunker tanks are under way as well. M'diq is a popular resort town and yacht marina, and a spill could have repercussions for the local economy. 

The Livana (ex names Dona Veronica, La Rochelle, Cast Salmon, AKN Pride) is a 1992-built freighter flagged in Cameroon. She has the characteristic retractable wheelhouse of a European riverine vessel, consistent with her original role as a container feeder on inland waterways in northern Europe. She was sold by a Paraguayan owner to new Turkish interests in September 2022, according to her Equasis record, and renamed and reflagged. 

Her last port state control inspection, in Fortaleza, Brazil, noted hull corrosion and problems with her oil filtering equipment.