Vessel Sinks In Xiashimen Channel

Stock Photo

Published Sep 4, 2015 2:29 PM by The Maritime Executive

The Chinese-flagged M/V Zhe Pu 01833 sank after striking a reef as it approached China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan port via the Xiashimen Channel on September 3. According to reports, the allision occurred after the vessel experienced a power failure and lost propulsion. The Ningbo Port Group received a distress call shortly after and deployed one of its tugboats at about 7:30 am local time to rescue the ship and its five crewmembers.  

The Zhe Pu’s hull sustained serious damage due to the allision and began taking on water. The vessel’s crew and attempted unsuccessfully to pump the water out while awaiting the rescue team.

The 40-meter Zhe Pu was transporting about 300 tons of cement from Taizhou to Ningbo-Zhoushan.