Two Cargo Vessels Collide Near Hamburg

The Eendracht (file photo)

By MarEx 2015-11-27 15:31:47

On the morning of November 26, the 3,000 grt general cargo ship Eendracht collided with the 5,000 gt Transapricorn in an estuary near Ostemündung, some five nm from Cuxhaven.

Authorities with the Hamburg Police report that the vessels collided due to a violation of the Rules of the Road.

The report alleges that the Eendracht crossed the center of a navigation fairway and closed with the Transapricorn. In close quarters, the Eendracht allegedly maneuvered to port and the Transapricorn to starboard; the two reportedly touched at the stern.

At the time of the collision, both vessels had exited the fairway. The Transapricorn was driven aground on a sandy bottom; she was later refloated with the assistance of a tug.

The two ships suffered only slight damages and remained afloat, with no reported casualties, hull breaches or pollution.

Inspection and survey were conducted dockside at Cuxhaven and the two ships were permitted to resume sailing.

The Hamburg Police are conducting an investigation into the full cause of the collision.

The Netherlands-flagged Eendracht is operated by Dutch company Global Seatrade. The Gibraltar-flagged Transapricorn is operated by Swedish company Transatlantic Rederi.