St. Johns Ship Building Makes Waves in Ferry Construction

Aluminum-hulled ferries under construction at St. Johns Ship Building, August 2019 (SJSB / Facebook)

Published Nov 27, 2019 10:09 AM by The Maritime Executive

St. Johns Ship Building, a longtime workboat yard near Jacksonville, Florida, is currently building two series of passenger vessels: an aluminum-hulled catamaran fast ferry design and a series of three double-ended steel-hulled car ferries. The aluminum passenger ferries are destined for a New York-based operator, and the first was delivered this July. 

“We are proud that our experienced craftsman were able to perfectly execute the Incat Crowther design and deliver this first-in-series aluminum passenger ferry," said Steven Ganoe, director and president of St. Johns Ship Building. "We have a team that can build, service and repair all types of vessels. Our aluminum and steel fabrication provides unparalleled quality and workmanship.”

The new Subchapter K aluminum ferries have a length of 97 feet and a passenger and crew capacity of more than 350 people. The first-in-series vessel bears the iconic design and livery of the Hornblower-operated NYC Ferry system. 

The first in a series of aluminum passenger ferries for a New York-based operator (St. Johns Ship Building)

St. Johns is also building a series of double-ended steel car ferries for an operator in Miami. These new ferries are designed to transport up to 150 passengers and up to 30 vehicles at a time. The vehicle deck is reinforced in order to accommodate heavy equipment and construction vehicles, including concrete trucks. Three of these 152' vessels are in progress now, with one delivered and the second nearing completion.

These new ferries feature luxury accommodations, including air conditioning, couches, beverage holders, phone charging stations, indirect lighting and flat screen TVs.

Second of three car ferries under construction (SJSB)