SS United States: Lady in Waiting

New Documentary DVD, now available, produced in cooperation with the SS United States Conservancy. MarEx Managing Editor Joe Keefe has reviewed the film and enthusiastically gives it “Two Thumbs Up."

Los Angeles, CA (September 15, 2008) – Choices is pleased to announce the DVD release of a new documentary profiling one of the last century’s greatest maritime achievements. SS United States: Lady in Waiting was ten years in the making, and was truly a labor of love for director Robert Radler (Best of the Best 1&2, The Substitute – HBO World Premieres, V.I.P.) and Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning producer Mark B. Perry (Ghost Whisperer, Party of Five, The Wonder Years).

The groundbreaking film follows the ship's journey from being a mid-20th century technological and design marvel to a largely-forgotten relic docked in Philadelphia as she awaits a decision about her fate.

The one-hour documentary, shot in high-definition, was originally a presentation of WTTW National Productions and has aired throughout the United States on American Public Television. The film takes the viewer on a glamorous journey of discovery about the SS United States. The program features compelling interviews with crew and passengers, archival footage, and examines the ship's top secret design and capabilities. The ship still holds the east and west bound passenger ship speed record for a vessel of its size, and deserves preservation and recognition as a national treasure.

Amazingly, the ship still exists, moored and seemingly derelict at a pier in Philadelphia, where the production team has been allowed access to examine her current state and explore the concept that she might again sail the seas.

“Her story is indeed diverse, varied, dramatic. But she sails again in glorious triumph and colorful recollection in SS United States: Lady in Waiting. Unquestionably, it is a grand tribute and one of the finest documentaries of its kind ever made. Happily, those great whistles are ‘sounding’ once again!” commented Maritime Historian, Bill Miller about the film.

SS United States: Lady in Waiting was produced by Big Ship Films with the cooperation of the SS United States Conservancy, a national non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the ship and her legacy. The Conservancy has granted the producers exclusive access to their archives of stills, vintage films and home movies.

SS United States: Lady in Waiting will be available on DVD September 15, 2008.

The DVD's Special Features include Expanded Interviews, Celebrity Anecdotes, Excerpts from Below - a short film by Robert Wogan shot in the engine room, Never Before Seen 16mm Color Home Movies Of The 1952 Maiden Voyage, Photo Gallery and a Lesson Plan/Guidebook.

SRP is $19.95. To order, visit www.choicesvideo.net or call 1-888-570-5400. For further information on this title or to request a screener, please contact Stevin Espinoza at sespinoza@dslextreme.com or at (310) 839-1500.

About Choices:

Choices, Inc. is a specialty distributor of quality documentaries, educational programming, and feature films. The company believes that documentaries are highly effective teaching tools, and provides both lesson plans and guidebooks as a resource for educators. More information is available online at www.choicesvideo.net.

MarEx Editor’s Note:

This is an enormously entertaining – and educational – film about one of the greatest ships ever built. Merchant Mariners and Naval veterans alike will be intrigued by the facts, dialogue and personal insights from a myriad of prominent and not-so-well-known persons interviewed in the making of the production. – MarEx.