Singapore Navy Launches Seventh New Littoral Mission Vessel

By The Maritime Executive 08-18-2018 07:35:44

The Republic of Singapore Navy's seventh Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV), LMV Dauntless, has been launched by ST Engineering.

The LMV program that started in 2013 will replace the RSN’s current fleet of Fearless-class patrol vessels, also designed and built by ST Engineering in the 1990s. The LMVs are 2.5 times larger and possess better seakeeping capabilities to operate in higher sea state conditions.

ST Engineering’s Marine sector has delivered five vessels to date - LMV Independence, LMV Sovereignty, LMV Unity, LMV Justice and LMV Indomitable. The sixth vessel, LMV Fortitude was launched in March this year, and the keel for the eighth LMV was laid a month after.

In a press release, Singapore's Ministry of Defence the launch of LMV Dauntless was a significant milestone in the Navy's continued transformation to keep Singapore's waters safe.