Ship Transporting Chemicals Runs Aground in Dardanelles

Ibrahim Konan

Published Jul 1, 2015 1:13 PM by Kathryn Stone

A cargo ship transporting chemicals ran aground this morning in the Dardanelles.

According to local media reports the 7,618 dwt Ibrahim Konan was carrying ammonium sulfate, a common fertilizer additive, when it ran aground in a narrow part of the strait near Eceabat, Turkey. The incident occurred around 3:00am local time after the ship suffered a rudder failure. The captain of the ship reported the incident to the Directorate General of Coastal Safety, which responded by sending the Put 7 tug to the scene. Efforts to refloat the vessel are still underway.

Both the ship’s captain and an investigative team failed to find leaks or any signs of pollution in the surrounding area. No one was injured in the incident.

The Ibrahim Konan was traveling from Russia to Egypt when the grounding occurred. The ship is operated by Konan Shipping and is flagged in Panama.