Place of Refuge Sought for Bulk Carrier

Isle of Anglesey
Isle of Anglesey

By MarEx 2016-12-05 17:03:51

A place of refuge is being sought for the bulk carrier V Due that suffered a fire in one of its cargo holds on December 1 off the east coast of the Isle of Anglesey in the U.K.

U.K.’s Secretary of State’s Representative (SOSREP), Hugh Shaw has established a Salvage Control Unit to discuss plans for the vessel which remains in a stable condition.

The Salvage Control Unit, which included representations for the owners of the vessel, insurers, SMIT Salvors, U.K. Coastguard, MCA Counter Pollution, environment groups and Fire and Rescue Service, met on Monday. SMIT Salvors has produced a draft outline plan for the passage to port and the subsequent cargo discharge which is the preferred option at this stage. The place of refuge has yet to be finalized. 

Shaw said: “Talks are continuing, but I am comfortable with the progress that has been made so far. The vessel is currently stable, ventilation has improved significantly since yesterday and the ship’s crew are safe and well. There is no evidence of any pollution and I will continue to monitor that situation very closely. I have established a Temporary Exclusion Zone of 500 meters to ensure that access to the vessel is restricted to the ship’s crew and the salvors.”