Photos: USCG Releases Images of Significant Damage in Texas Collision

collision damage to bulker and cargo ship
Port quarter of the bulker AP Revelin sustained significant damage (U.S. Coast Guard photos)

Published Aug 24, 2022 1:01 PM by The Maritime Executive

The U.S. Coast Guard and the National Transport Safety Board have commenced investigations into the collision between a bulker and a cargo ship in the Sabine Pass leading to Port Arthur, Texas. The collision happened on August 21, and currently, both vessels remain in the Port Arthur anchorage where complete damage assessments were underway while the shipping companies are arranging for repairs.

Pictures released by the U.S. Coast Guard show extensive damage to the port quarter of the AP Revelin, a 38,000 dwt bulker registered in Croatia. The vessel had been outbound from Port Arthur with a load of wood chips when the collision occurred. 



The U.S. Coast Guard’s initial report on the accident appears to show that the damage while significant was limited to above the waterline of the 590-foot vessel. Her port quarter near the stern was ripped open exposing one compartment to the elements. Unconfirmed reports that the emergency boat was damaged in the collision are also confirmed by the photos.

The vessel’s owner, Atlantska Plovidba issued a statement saying that they expected a significant reduction in the vessel’s in-service time while repairs to the significant damage were completed.



The cargo ship Damgracht (18,000 dwt) registered in the Netherlands was inbound the U.S. Coast Guard reports when an engine alarm sounded causing the engine to shut down. The vessel experienced a loss of steering with its port bow making contact with the AP Revelin

While the pictures of the Damgracht show apparently only superficial damage with her paint scraped, the Coast Guard report said the vessel took on water after the collision indicating likely damage below the waterline not visible in the pictures. The Coast Guard reported the ship’s pumps were handling the water and she was in no danger.

There were no injuries to the crew aboard either vessel. A Coast Guard survey of the area also showed no pollution in the water from either vessel.



Photos courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard