New Fuel Made From Slops

Picture Credit: Diamantino Rosa

By MarEx 2015-12-02 18:55:26

Ecoslops, the first company to develop technology to produce recycled marine fuels from marine oil residues (slops), has announced that it has sold its first volume of marine fuel, as well as importing a new shipment of slops to its refinery at the Port of Sinès in Portugal.

Following the commencement of industrial production, Ecoslops sold 1,000 tons of marine diesel oil (MDO), compliant with ISO 8217 standards, at market price, to a European bunker operator. After the initial import of a shipment of 3,200 tons of slops from Northern Europe, the company has also imported a second shipment of 3,000 tons, further ramping up its refinery operations.

Commenting on the development, Vincent Favier, CEO, Ecoslops, said: “Fundamentally, we have shown that we can produce substantial volumes of high quality fuel oil, as demanded by our customers. Based on this success, we will be stepping up our program of developing new sites.”

Following its official inauguration at the end of June 2015 and a phase involving tests, product qualification and the finalization of the training of local teams, the Sinès processing plant began the industrial production of the first marine fuel from recycled oil residue. The Sinès site can process close to 30,000 tons of slops a year.