Naval Forces End Tanker Siege--German Cargo Ship Released

By MarEx 2012-12-18 14:33:00

Yemeni Forces Stop Pirate Attack.

The Yemeni military has stopped an attempted Somali pirate attack on a Yemeni-flag oil tanker in the Red Sea.

Somali pirates in 14 boats tried to attack the M/V YEMEN OIL 7, an oil tanker transiting to Hodeidah on the Red Sea. The Yemeni military surrounded the pirates with warships and helicopters forcing the pirates to exit the Yemeni regional waters. The military continued to patrol the area as the tanker continued its journey safely.

Since the beginning of July, Yemeni forces have broken up three attempted attacks on oil tankers in the Red Sea. While many captured pirates are let go because they cannot be prosecuted under some countries laws, Yemeni do prosecute pirates fully when possible.

Pirates Free the M/V Victoria

Hijacked in May in the Gulf of Aden, Somali pirates released the German owned cargo ship.

The ship’s master reported that his crew was unharmed and no one needed medical attention as the German Navy’s BRANDENBURG and the Greek Navy’s NIKIFOROS FOKAS provided a naval escort. The cargo ship was transporting 10,000 tons of rice to the port of Jeddah when the hijacking took place.