MEPs Set to Vote on Tougher Offshore Drilling Safety Rules

By MarEx 2012-10-09 13:33:17

MEPs will on Tuesday call for better emergency planning in the event of an accident in offshore oil and gas drilling, as the industry committee votes on its negotiating position with the Council on stricter safety standards. The aim is to reduce the risk of major accidents or, if such accidents should still take place, limit the consequences.

The new rules would set minimum European standards for offshore oil and gas safety, regulating licensing, emergency plans and decommissioning of platforms.

MEPs seek to reinforce provisions concerning:

  • preparedness, emergency planning and response in case of an accident
  • clarification of liability of oil and gas operators
  • risk assessment and public participation in authorisation of offshore operations
  • better exchange of information among member states

Members of the industry committee have proposed more than 600 amendments to the Commission's proposal. The amendments that are adopted will help to determine the starting point for informal talks with the Council on the final text. Belgian Christian-Democrat MEP Ivo Belet is responsible for steering the legislation through Parliament.

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Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu