Greek Passenger Vessel Explosion: Captain Killed, 6 Others Injured

By MarEx 2012-10-08 11:32:51

The 51-year-old captain of a Greek tour vessel – also described as a mock pirate ship – was killed onboard from an explosion stemming from a small replica cannon. The incident also injured six other passengers, including two children.

The Hellenic Coast Guard stated that the explosion occurred when the cannon was fired as the vessel was anchored in the entrance to Mandraki harbor on the island of Kos after returning from an excursion. According to Reuters UK, the cannon had been loaded with approved explosive powder, such as that found in fireworks.

There were a total of 26 tourists aboard the vessel. Five of the injured were passengers, the last was a Greek crew member and all were hospitalized.

A relative of the captain had reportedly managed to steer the boat back to port. The local port authority has officially opened an investigation.

Photo (thumb) Credit: http://www.rhodos-travel.com/mandrakiharbour.htm