Fourth Multimodal Train Connects Turkey and Europe


By MarEx 2017-02-09 18:34:13

A fourth roundtrip train has been introduced to connect Germany’s Duisburg rail hub and the port of Trieste, Italy.
The combined transport service reaches destinations across Europe with Trieste connected to Turkey via six weekly sailings offered by Turkish shipping company UN RO-RO.

GreenBridge Multimodal has introduced the train. GreenBridge is a joint initiative of European multimodal solutions provider Samskip Multimodal and Intercombi (ICL) Transport, a subsidiary of the logistics company Turkey Netlog Logistics Group. 

Each GreenBridge train connecting Duisburg and Trieste has capacity for 34 unit loads, with the partners offering a range of unitized equipment, including containers of up to 45 feet length and 13.6 meter length mega trailers. 

The fourth train has been added following a revision of the traction agreement between the service partners and Rail Cargo Austria. It will depart southbound from Duisburg on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with the additional northbound journeys departing from Trieste on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Adding a fourth regular train to the Duisburg-Trieste land-bridge reflects new customer commitments to the multimodal solution, says Marcel Delmee, GreenBridge Manager Multimodal Services, Turkey Trade.

“The frequency increase vindicates the principles behind GreenBridge, which combines the benefits of Samskip’s European multimodal network and Intercombi’s in-depth industry expertise in the Turkish market,” he says. “GreenBridge offers major advantages over conventional road transport that include faster transit, elimination of border delays and traffic jams/road taxation, better security and lower fuel costs.

“Introducing the fourth roundtrip train meets expectations set out at the launch of GreenBridge in 2014 and will enhance service for existing and new customers. Our ambition is to add a fifth train in the future.”