Ferry Holed by Improperly Built Pier

Image courtesy Boreal Transport Nord

By MarEx 2016-06-24 21:26:25

An after-accident report has determined that the Norwegian ferry Bergfjord suffered water ingress and a hole in her hull following impact with a steel beam extending from a dock.  

Two ferries, the Hasfjord and the Bergfjord, were found to have been damaged from the improper construction of the pier; the Hasfjord had no major damage, but the Bergfjord had to return to the dock mid-journey due to flooding from a four centimeter gash. 

The ferry was only twenty minutes from shore when the bilge alarm sounded and the damage was discovered, her operator says, and passengers were never in any danger. "The ferries were decommissioned at the moment it happened. Temporary repairs were carried out immediately . . . It is not a critical event, but it is serious. We should not have holes in the hull," her operator, Boreal, told Norway's NRK. 

Bergfjord was out of commission for four days while repairs were made. 

The quay reportedly had steel protruding underneath which was left behind during construction. "The developer of the ferry port in Bergfjord forgot to remove a part of the structure when they developed the ferry port. We have sustained damage by the developer of the ferry landing," said Steinar Mathisen, a representative of the vessel's owner. He suggested that his firm would seek compensation. 

Contractors immediately removed the steel; they said that this was now a matter for the construction firm's insurance to handle.