Developing New Generation of Larger Wind Installation Vessel

developing new generation of wind installation vessel for larger turbines
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Published Sep 1, 2020 3:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

A new partnership is being launched in Norway to develop a new generation of turbine installation vessel to be used in the development of offshore wind projects. The Norwegian companies Ocean Installer and Vard will work together to develop a vessel capable of handling larger installations beyond the current capabilities of the existing turbine installation fleet.

Internationally wind farm development is expanding with new projects being launched in Europe, Asia, and along the east coast of the United States.  However, according to the partners, while the installation market is expected to grow rapidly, they believe that current vessel capacity is insufficient. Further, it is anticipated as the technology advances, the size of the turbines will also grow.

“By being able to install wind turbine components above 1,000 tons more than 150 meters above sea level, this ship is expected to be highly attractive for the construction of big international wind farms in the coming years,” says Erik Haakonsholm, General Manager of Vard Group Offshore & Specialized Vessels.  “We will jointly be developing one of the world’s most advanced vessels for installation of future offshore wind turbines, which are too large for the existing turbine installation fleet.”

The effort will draw on Vard’s experience in the design and construction of complex offshore construction vessels and the current project portfolio also includes the REV Ocean research and expedition vessel as well as other highly specialized and autonomous zero-emission vessels.

“On the basis of Norwegian advanced ship design and construction capabilities, as well as experience from complex subsea projects, we’re now ready to take a piece of the growing global market for the installation of offshore wind turbines,” said Odd Strømsnes, CEO of Ocean Installer. “Energy companies in Norway are winning large international tenders for offshore wind farm construction, so it is natural for us to get into the game.”

Strømsnes reports that Ocean Installer is already prequalified for certain large offshore wind projects and is participating in tenders in the USA and Europe for both Norwegian and international energy companies.