Damen Delivers 15x Pontoons + 1x CSD 450 for China

By MarEx 2012-08-23 11:12:13

Damen to Deliver 16 Pontoons

Damen is launching 15 Stan Pontoons (SPo) and a newly designed transshipment Crane Barge this week at its Chinese partner yards. Damen will deliver most pontoons to Dutch, UK and Russian clients, withholding a small number for itself in accordance with the company’s philosophy of ensuring short delivery times by standardized designs and keeping vessels in stock. ZPMC’s semi-submersible vessel Zhen Hua 29 will transport the pontoons to Rotterdam (The Netherlands) where they will arrive in the middle of October.

The shipment consists of various types of pontoons, amongst which a SPo 12032, the first of a newly designed series and the longest pontoon ever built by Damen. The Heavy Lift pontoon measures 120 x 32,2 x 8.1 m, has a deck strength of 20 t/m² and is outfitted with a ballast system, DMT winches and a Caterpillar generator set.

Furhtermore, the shipment consists of: 2 x SPo 4113, 2 x SPo 6316, 2 x SPo 6511, 1 x SPo 7524, 4 x SPo 8916 ICE-class and 3 x SPo 9127. The Damen Crane Barge 6324 will be outfitted and commissioned at one of Damen’s Dutch shipyards.

‘Tobias’, a Damen Stan Pontoon 12032, on her way from Taixing to Nantong (China) and loaded with her first cargo, 200 tons of sea fastening materials.

Hulls in stock
Currently more than 25 additional pontoons are under construction at Chinese partner yards under Damen supervision. Mr Frank Koppelaar, Product Director Pontoons & Barges, says: “In the course of ongoing feedback, research and adapting to changing market circumstances, we’re starting a new series of Offshore Accommodation Barges as well.”


Damen Delivers Cutter Suction Dredger 450 ‘Fen He’
within 3 Weeks from Order

A Damen CSD450 dredger was shipped within 3 weeks from receipt of the order. The environmental cutter suction dredger is right now on its way to Taiyaun, China, where it will arrive well in time to assist in fighting the sedimentation problem of the Fen river.

The CSD450 dredger will be called ‘Fen He’, which means “River Fen” in Chinese. It will be based in Taiyuan in the Shanxi province in northern China. There, the river Fen leaves the mountains and flows through the city. The river carries a lot of sediment from the mountains and deposits its load around Taiyuan. The local authorities have acquired the ‘Fen He’ to maintain the river Fen at the right depth, also removing layers of contaminated silt in the process. The main functions of the CSD450 are to clean the river, to keep it navigable and to prevent flooding.

The stationary CSD450 exactly fitted the requirements of the Taiyuan Water Board; it works at a dredging depth of - 12 m and has a swing width of 34 m. The Damen dredge pump, type BP45-1100, is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine of 709 kW and has a mixture capacity of 3.000 m3/h. The dismountable dredger is 22.6 m long over pontoons, and weighs in total 115 tons, but can be dismounted in container sized items which can be transported easily.

As per the Damen principle, customization of the standard stock-vessel was no problem. The CSD450 was delivered within 3 weeks from order, after which it was inspected by the Chinese Import Authority at the yard. It was put on trucks and transported to the Rotterdam harbour. The CSD450 is now on its way to China by boat.

There, it will be assembled under supervision of a Damen Field Service Engineer, who will perform all start-up functions assisted by the local crew. The crew will also follow a complete training program on using the environmental dredger at its maximum efficiency. Together with the cutter suction dredger a full set of spare parts for 1 year of operation was delivered.

The assembly of the CSD450 and training of the crew will be finished well on time to start the maintenance dredging tasks before the start of the winter.

CSD450 during commissioning at the yard