Crew of Car Carrier in Casablanca Detains Intruders for Police

crew fights off intruders on car carrier docked in Casablanca
Viking Diamond car carrier was boarded at the dock in Casablanca - Gram Car Carriers photo

Published Jan 4, 2021 6:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

The crew of a car carrier docked in the port of Casablanca in Morocco discovered several intruders aboard their vessel and successfully defended themselves and their ship until the Moroccan police could arrive.

The Singapore registered car carrier Viking Diamond arrived in Casablanca on January first from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas. The 12,572 dwt car carrier with a capacity of 4,200 cars was alongside reportedly offloading cars in Casablanca when between seven and fifteen masked burglars were reportedly discovered aboard the ship. 

According to information posted on the Facebook account of one of the crew members aboard the ship, the intruders were armed with knives and clubs. The crew aboard the car carrier, which included 20 Ukrainians, was able to detain at least some of the boarders until police arrived and took the burglars into custody. Some reports suggested that at least some of the intruders escaped before the police were able to apprehend them. 

Ukrainian media says the crew of the car carrier was uninjured during the incident. AIS data shows that the Viking Diamond departed Casablanca on January 2.

Video of the intruders being walked off the ship was posted on YouTube credited to the crew of the Viking Diamond.