Concordia's Salvage Operation Faces Further Delay in Completion

By MarEx 2012-10-17 13:29:05

Titan Salvage, this week, stated that the Costa Concordia salvage operation is facing further delays. The unprecedented wreck removal is now expected to be completed no earlier than June 2013 rather than in Spring 2013, according to Independent Online.

Titan’s salvage experts said that the technical demands of drilling into a granite seabed have slowed down the process. These holes are necessary to support a platform that the stricken cruise liner will sit on once it is righted. The beginning of winter conditions may also increase the postponement.

The vessel has a gross tonnage of 114,500 and still lies aground on its side off Giglio Island in Tuscany.

Granite rock is one of the most difficult kinds to be drilling in, especially at 35- to 40-degree angles; getting the drill in generally takes a lot longer than if it was in a flat seabed, etc.

Rough winter seas, again, are also a concern in complicating matters.

The salvage companies are currently securing the wreck to prevent it from slipping off the reef and into deeper water during the operation to right it.


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