Castle Shipboard Security Program?s Executive Manager Addresses Women?s Executive Group

By MarEx 2012-08-24 14:04:46

Glenna Kuhlman, the Executive Manager of Castle Shipboard Security Program, a leader in training for anti-piracy, counterterrorism, and a variety of civil threats in the maritime industry, has been tapped to make a personal defense presentation to the Women’s Executive Group of Fort Lauderdale.

The Women’s Executive Group of Fort Lauderdale is an organization representing many women business leaders in the area. Many of these women, highly active in the business community, are successful entrepreneurs who understand the growing need for their personal and business security.

These women understand that there are few Tomb Raider Laura Krofts in the world who can aggressively fight successfully such threats as 20 foot tall killer robots. It looks good in the movies; but in real life, when most 125 pound females meet 200 pound aggressive males, females lose. Women who lack an aggressive capacity can easily become targets.

What can be done? Martial arts take years to attain the skill levels needed for meeting such aggression. The answer to this question is at the center of Glenna’s presentation.

Glenna Kuhlman has a vast list of experiences which enable her to speak effectively on this sensitive topic. Her credentials begin with her being a Presidential Award winning educator, merchant mariner, and pilot with test piloting experience, as well as being a firearms instructor trained in defense and counterterrorism.

It is the belief of Castle Shipboard Security Program that the percent of population threatening women and their businesses hasn’t changed much over the years but that the level of aggression and violence from these people has risen greatly as is indicated by the growth in home and business invasion both in the U.S. and abroad.

Glenna is looking forward to this opportunity to increase security awareness amongst the women’s business community and to perhaps enable more of them to cope with growing levels of violence.


Source: PR Web