Bulker Happens Upon People Sitting on Capsized Motorboat in Philippines

Six people were rescued from the capsized motorboat (NFWM photos)

Published Feb 19, 2024 3:35 PM by The Maritime Executive

A Panama-flagged bulker happened upon six people sitting atop their capsized motorboat on Saturday, February 17. After the rescue they were transferred to the custody of the Philippine Navy who provided assistance reporting the six people were lucky to be alive but found in good condition.

The Naval Forces of Western Mindanao reports the bulker Navios Lumen was southbound in the western Philippines on Saturday when it happened upon the six people. The 180,000 dwt vessel was traveling only with ballast heading from China where it had departed on February 12. It is due in Australia on February 22.



The small motorboat had departed Mapun Island in the western Philippines and was traveling east crossing the Sulu Sea. The boat was heading to Zamboanga City with six people aboard when it encountered rough seas and a strong current. The boat capsized but the people were able to get into the water and later climb atop their boat. The report did not say how long the people had been in the water.

“Upon sighting of the capsized motorbanca with six persons holding to its side, the M/V immediately maneuvered to rescue the victims and render assistance. Subsequently, the M/V reported the incident to the nearest authority,” said RADM Donn Anthony L Miraflor PN, the Commander NFWM.

Pictures show the overturned boat being pulled toward the massive bulker and the people hoisted aboard. Later, the Navy boat Jose Loor Sr. met up with the bulker and took custody of the people. Photos show them getting medical inspections, clothing, food, and water. They were brought to Bongao’s disaster office where they were given further assistance and transportation was arranged to send the people home.