UK Launches National Strategy for Maritime Security

By MarEx 2014-05-14 12:04:00

The UK's national strategy for maritime security was launched on May 13, 2014.

The strategy outlines, for the first time, the UK’s approach to delivering maritime security at home and internationally, setting out how the UK organizes and uses its extensive national capabilities to identify, assess and address maritime security challenges.

The strategy highlights the importance of the maritime domain to UK prosperity and security. It sets out how, through effective collaboration across government, with industry and our international partners, and through the integration of our assets and personnel wherever possible, the UK will deliver maritime security.

Maritime security is a cross-government activity which brings together 16 government departments and agencies. At the forefront of these are the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office and the Department for Transport.

The strategy outlines 5 priorities:

to promote a secure international maritime area where international maritime laws are upheld

to help other nations develop their own maritime security

to protect the UK and the Overseas Territories, their citizens and economies by supporting the safety and security of ports and offshore installations, and passenger and cargo vessels

to assure the security of vital maritime trade and energy transportation routes

to protect the resources and population of the UK and the Overseas Territories from illegal and dangerous activity

The strategy also introduces a robust government approach to maritime security decision-making and confirms our commitment to preserving the flow of maritime trade and upholding international maritime law.