MMLS Files Additional Claims Against Almottahedah-1 in Hurghada Port, Egypt

In the second arrest, fourteen additional seamen allege Saudi passenger vessel owner, United Company for Marine Lines, failed to pay wages and benefits - claims now total nearly 4M LE.

By MarEx 2013-01-22 09:46:00

Now under arrest for the past 30-days at the Hurghada Port of Egypt, Red Sea, the passenger vessel Almottahedah-1, owned by United Company for Marine Lines, was hit with its third arrest on Saturday.

Mamdouh Maritime Legal Solutions (MMLS) Executive Director, Said Mamdouh Abd El Maksoud, filed claims under Red Sea Court Order No. 2 for 2013, signed by High Judge Mohammed Fawzi, for unpaid wages and benefits owed to 14 additional crew members totaling LE 793,056.

The first arrest, announced December 12 under Red Sea Court Order No. 36 for 2012, also authorized by Judge Mohammed Fawzi, was for unpaid wages and benefits totaling LE 3,173,370.

Almottahedah-1 crew reported to MMLS that since the December arrest, representatives of United Company for Marine Lines, in addition to not paying wages, also failed to provide adequate fuel, food and water aboard the vessel.  It was also stated that company representatives have made attempts to coerce claimants into settling their claims for wages, excluding benefits.

"Some of these seamen have been without wages for the past fourteen months. Many of them have been aboard the vessel between 5-8 years, without ever receiving their benefits," stated Mamdouh.

MMLS also learned that a crew member's wife recently gave birth prematurely to twins in need of life sustaining hospitalization. Although many are suffering dire circumstances for having not received their salaries, Almottahedah-1 crew members, standing steadfast in solidarity, collected funds to support the mounting hospital bills.

MMLS will proceed to legally secure the rights of the Almottahedah-1 crew until a fair settlement has been reached or, if necessary, the vessel is sold pursuant to court order.

On December 30, MMLS obtained an additional arrest authorized under Order No. 38 for 2012, signed by High Judge Motaz Alzohary of the Red Sea Court on behalf of the Maritime Department of European Agencies for an unpaid debit in the amount of USD $30,582.00.

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