First 100% LNG Powered Barge on Maiden Voyage Into Germany [Video]

By MarEx 2013-10-17 12:48:00

The Greenstream, the world's first 100% LNG powered barge has been delivering liquid fuels along the Rhine river in The Netherlands for several months. This summer it expanded its range into Germany. In Spetember, it was joined by its sister ship, the Greenrhine.

Spark-ignition LNG engines can help to reduce noise by up to 50% compared to conventional heavy-duty diesel engines. Reduced engine noise can improve the well-being of the captain, as well as limiting disturbance to people living close to the river. LNG engines emit fewer local emissions than diesel engines, with the potential to benefit the local environment.

Greenstream was built and designed at Peters Shipyards in The Netherlands and is managed by the Dutch based Interstream Barging (ISB). This was the first LNG powered barge to be chartered by Shell.