Defective Welding Caused MSC Monterey Crack

By MarEx 2014-01-05 22:07:00

Investigations into the cause of the crack in MSC Monterey have found that a defective weld seam was the cause. Specialists of the Canadian Ministry of Transportation, of Germanischer Lloyd as well as 
representatives of the shipyard, insurance, charterer and REEDEREI NSB have been onboard the vessel on January 02, 2014. The crack has been inspected on the main deck and the outer hull has been subject to comprehensive ultrasonic testings. Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has decided in cooperation with all involved parties to have the final repair of the damage carried out on-site instead of a provisional repair. 
Crack detection using ultrasonic testings, not only in the damaged areas, still continue. Analysis of the already carried out testings led to the decision of the GL, to reject the initially planned provisional repair. Instead, the final repair can be carried out on-site. A welding procedure has been defined by GL, which has to be followed exactly. 

Adverse weather conditions at the coast of Newfoundland of currently well below 0 C°make repair procedures somewhat difficult. Comprehensive preparations have to be made in order to preheat the steel and the ambient temperature as well als to adhere to the cooling rates exactly. Repairs will be carried out by a Canadian expert company with many experiences in this field and will probably take 7 days till. A representative of GL will supervise works on-site. 
After completion of works MSC Monterey will continue her voyage as part of her charter for MSC probably on January 11, 2014. 

Until the completion of repairs the vessel is anchored in St. Mary’s Bay at a sheltered location in the south of Newfoundland. The crack on the main deck and the outer hull is unchanged. It measures 1.5 meters on the main deck which extends for approximately 30 centimeters into the outer hull. 

MSC Monterey is not posing a danger to the environment. The crack has not resulted in 
any oil spillages or other hazards.