PMI Offers Diesel Power Training Seminar

Course Announcement: The Pacific Maritime Institute is pleased to announce the following Course:

Course Name: Diesel Power Training Seminar

Course Overview: Fuel, cooling, lubrication, air intake, and exhaust systems will be discussed in detail. Power generation, fuel consumption and conservation, and emissions are covered. Operational aspects will be presented including flotation, speed, power, auxiliaries, maintenance, engine inspection and troubleshooting. Safety of design, construction, operation and maintenance will be highlighted. Students will have three days of classroom training followed by one day of hands-on training.

Dates: April 4-7th, 2011

To learn more about this course and to view our comprehensive flyer, please click on the following hyperlink. Diesel Power Training Seminar

You can also visit the course webpage by clicking here.

For further information or to register for a PMI Course, please contact Ms. Jennifer Pitzen toll free at (888) 893-7829 or via e-mail at jpitzen@mates.org