Markey Delivers Winch to Bisso Offshore "Beverly B"

Markey Machinery Company of Seattle, Washington recently delivered a model DEPCF-42 40HP Electric Render/Recover Winch to Eastern Shipbuilding for installation on the new Bisso Offshore tug “Beverly B.”. This state-of-the-art hawser winch features capacity for 500 ft. of 8” soft-line, proven Render/Recover capability to 180 ft/min. line-speed and a brake that will hold 150 tons. All electric controls and a line-tension display system with data-logging rounds out the system. A Markey type CEW-60 2-Speed Electric Capstan on the stern is provided for general line-handling. The Beverly B. is a 96’ x 4200HP x 50 Ton bollard-pull ASD tug. Anything else is just a winch!

Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery Company is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications.