AAPA Port Industry Statistics: Handy Reference Material

Brought to you by the American Association of Port Authorities, this collection includes data in PDF or xls format concerning a myriad of sources and important information for maritime executives.

AAPA continuously receives requests on how ports rank nationally and internationally. The question is ambiguous, however, since ports can be compared in many different ways - by volume or value of trade, number of cruise passengers, revenues, and storage capacity, as examples.

Moreover, sheer size of a port, in terms of traffic flow, says nothing about productivity, efficiency, or responsiveness to customers. These are just some of the criteria that a shipper might consider in evaluating port performance.

Data includes:

•Port Security Fees
•World Port Rankings - 2006*
•World Seaborne Trade - 1975-2006*
•North American Port Container Traffic - 2007 **
•2006 U.S. Port Cargo Tonnage Rankings*
•2003 U.S. Port Rankings By Cargo Value*
•Port of Mexico - Container Traffic (1990-2006)*
•U.S. / Canada Container Traffic in TEUs (1990 - 2007)*
•Container Handling Ports of Central and South America (1997-2006) **

Other fishing holes for port/shipping statistics include:

Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers): http://www.iwr.usace.army.mil/ndc/wcsc/wcsc.htm

U.S Maritime Administration: Data & Statistics: www.marad.dot.gov/MARAD_statistics/index.html

GO TO: http://www.aapa-ports.org/Industry/content.cfm?ItemNumber=900 to find all of these statistics, and more…

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