Accident with the Anchor Handling Tug Supply BOURBON DOLPHIN at 75 nautical miles west of Scotland'

Bourbon Offshore Norway, a subsidiary of BOURBON, has been informed by Shetland Coastguards that the Anchor Handling Tug Supply “Bourbon Dolphin” has capsized.
Bourbon Dolphin was on operation 75 nautical miles North, West Shetland Islands with 15 people on board.

According to Neville Davis, Rescue Coordination Center Manager, Shetland coastguards: “So far, 10 persons have been recovered. We will continue working with the assets available to try and locate the missing crew”.

BOURBON is giving top priority to the rescue of the 5 missing people and support to the families of those involved. The Bourbon Dolphin accident occurred Thursday evening while the ship was on operations 75 nautical miles North West of the Shetland Islands with 15 people on board.

This accident is a terrible tragedy, with 3 people confirmed deceased and 5 people still missing. The 7 others have been treated at the hospital in Shetland Islands. None of these 7 were seriously wounded.

Rescue teams from the Shetland Coast Guards went to the zone immediately and they are still in the rescue zone with the Royal Air Force searching for the 5 missing people.

BOURBON is in close contact with the families and is doing all it can for them and a BOURBON support team is in place at Bourbon Offshore Norway headoffice.

A plane has been chartered to fly relatives, officials and Bourbon Offshore Norway Executives to Shetland Islands.

Jacques de Chateauvieux, CEO of BOURBON, and Christian Lefevre, Deputy CEO of BOURBON and Bourbon Offshore CEO will arrive at Bourbon Offshore Norway Headquarters during the afternoon.

The company emergency response team in Norway, supported by BOURBON emergency management team in Marseilles is, according to the Safety Management System plan, assessing the information available at this time.

New information will be released as soon as relevant facts are available and fully checked.


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