March Edition of THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE is on the Street!

The next edition of THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE is in distribution and is on the way to MarEx readers. In this edition, MarEx provides unique insight into the passenger vessel industry by highlighting J.F. Lehman’s Hawaii Superferry. In addition, our business case study puts this, and other J.F. Lehman business models into clear focus. Dr. Lehman’s candid remarks about the maritime industry, his diversified private equity firm and the state of U.S. shipbuilding will be of great interest to MarEx readers. Also in this edition, MarEx examines homegrown innovative maritime technologies now impacting the industry in a big way and our regular feature, WASHINGTON INSIDER, takes a look at the 110th Congress, the new players and the prospects for maritime legislation in the coming months. The LEHMAN March edition of MarEx made its debut at CMA Shipping 2007 last week and will be on display at Intertanko next week in Houston. See you there! Don’t miss this issue. To subscribe to MarEx, visit http://www.maritime-executive.com. To advertise in future issues, contact Brett Keil at bkeil@maritime-executive.com. Editorial input can be submitted to Managing Editor Joseph Keefe at jkeefe@maritime-executive.com.