Cruise Ship Master Charged

The captain of a passenger cruise ship in the port of Seattle has been arrested and charged with operating a commercial vessel under the influence of alcohol. U.S. Coast Guard officials said his blood-alcohol content was more than twice the Federal maritime limit.

The Master of the cruise ship “MERCURY” was preparing the ship to depart for an Alaskan cruise when he was arrested. He was immediately dismissed by Celebrity Cruises, and replaced by another captain prior to departure. The cruise line fully cooperated with the Coast Guard investigation, and the incident only caused a 90 minute delay of the departure.

Coast guard officials remarked, “This incident should send a clear message to all mariners operating in U.S. waters that operating any vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious threat to the safety of other mariners, the general public, and maritime commerce and transportation. Such behavior will not be tolerated and violations will be enforced to the fullest extent.”