The Maritime Executive's Annual Shipbuilding Edition is Out Now

Hyundai shipyard
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Published Jun 18, 2023 10:53 PM by Tony Munoz

(Article originally published in Mar/Apr 2023 edition.)


The annual offshore edition of The Maritime Executive Magazine is out now and available online! Read on for a summary of what you'll find inside.

Asia-Pacific shipbuilding dominates the industry, and China gets fifty percent of all new orders. It’s a hot market, estimated at $145 billion and forecast to reach $196 billion by the decade’s end. 

While the orderbooks are bulging, inflation is hammering away in Europe and the U.S. and a recession may still be in the cards. Yet commercial operators are committed to the future of global trade.

Jack O’Connell, Senior Editor, asks in Upgrades & Downgrades, are you a “Bull or Bear?” While stocks have shown resilience, he reminds us there are demons as well (2008) and, given the current uncertainties, tanker stocks are doing quite well. To back him up, Paul Benecki, News Editor, pens our annual Global Shipbuilding Report, saying operators are spending billions of dollars for container ships and tankers, especially LNG. But labor continues to be a genuine problem.

Jack also sat down with Morgan Fanberg, CEO of design firm Glosten in Seattle, for our Executive Achievement feature. Fanberg and his team continue to add to Glosten’s long and storied history with innovative projects like the PelaStar tension-leg platform design for deepwater floating wind. Don’t miss it!

Jeff Bukoski, President of St. Johns Ship Building, joins us for our cover story on small shipyards, an under-the-radar – but critical – sector of the industry. This innovative yard in north Florida caught our attention, building wind transfer vessels for, among others, Atlantic Wind Transfers, a company we featured three years ago. We soon discovered that the yard has been building world-class vessels since its reopening in 2006 and now, under new ownership, is doing even better. Please enjoy.

First-time contributor Patrick Zeitler reports in the annual Ship Repair column that expanded capacity and diversity have improved the sector with his gem, “Gearing Up.” Sean Holt introduces us to offshore space ports and other future-forward projects in his article on “Modern Class,” and not to be overlooked are Chad Fuhrmann’s Seals & Bearings feature, “Overlooked Warriors,” and Sean Hogue’s excellent Naval Architecture piece, “From the Andes to the Oceans.”

View From The E.U. columnist Erik Kravets pens a must-read as the war in Europe continues. Titled “Vladimir’s Coin-Op Laundromat,” it’s a gimlet-eyed look at money laundering and how companies – and countries – are evading sanctions on Russian oil and other products.

Energy guru Allen Brooks entertains us with his insightful “Walls of Worry, Rays of Sunshine,” in which he muses on the yin and yang of energy markets and the global economy. His column always enlightens. Tom Peters, our ports columnist, describes the “Rebound” in ro-ro traffic, a unique niche in global trade that’s finally getting back to normal.

And don’t forget to spend time with From the Bridge, our readers’ favorite. It’s always great to send another edition of intellectual capital to our readers, and we thank you again for your continued support and loyalty. See you soon.

Tony Munoz is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Maritime Executive. 

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