OceanManager Inc. Digitalizes Mooring System Management Plans

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Published Jul 20, 2021 4:52 PM by OceanManager

Statistics from the European Harbour Masters’ Committee show that 95 percent of personal injury incidents are caused by ropes and wires, and 60 percent of these injuries happen during mooring operations.

In an effort to bring these numbers down, central mooring rules and regulations are being amended and updated. In 2018, the fourth edition of the Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) introduced the Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP) for tankers.

As in everything, technology has advanced in the field of mooring, with the development of solutions like "smart ropes," which use sensors to advise the current condition of the mooring equipment. Like all marine systems, this still needs to be monitored and properly maintained.

OceanManager's MSMP system does just that. With an easy-to-use web platform and mobile app, mariners can now monitor the current condition and "running hours" of the mooring equipment, without paperwork. This keeps the crew and the office properly informed, ensuring less incidents, reduced costs and - more importantly - minimizing life threatening accidents.

In addition to our MSMP solution, OceanManager Inc. partners with Pace Marine Solutions to provide consultancy services for the implementation and maintenance of MSMP, giving our clients a holistic approach.

OceanManager's mission, through MSMP and all our solutions, is to provide the vessel operator with actionable information for data driven decisions and help achieve compliance, safety, and (of course) cost efficiency.

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