Extend the Life of Your Wire Ropes

Credit: Lubrication Engineering

Published Sep 9, 2019 6:35 PM by Lubrication Engineering

The Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator cleans and lubricates wire ropes quickly, efficiently and safely.  It can grease up to 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) of rope per hour, is safer than manual greasing, increases rope life and is operated by a single person. Like to know more? Read on. 

The Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator range provides fast and effective cleaning and lubricating of wire ropes. Wire ropes from 6mm (15/64”) to 165mm (6-1/2”) in diameter can be greased at speeds up to 2,000 meters per hour. The high strength cast aluminum collar is light and, combined with the unique inbuilt carry handles and shoulder strap, enables single person wire rope lubrication. 

Ideal for use on all cranes, towing lines and mooring lines, the Viper MKII eliminates the HS&E risks associated with manual lubrication. The Viper MKII provides improved wire rope lubrication by working lubricant into the structure of the wire rope due to the unique Viper seal design. Other lubricators just coat the surface of the ropes, but the unique seal design of the Viper wire rope lubricator means the “wire dwell time” in the lubrication chamber is up to 80 percent longer. This longer dwell time means greater lubricant penetration which leads to increased rope life and extended relubrication intervals.

An excited Viper customer, MOL Tankers, had this to say about the Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator: “The ship is very happy with the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator, and the shipyard has been using it to renew 4,000 meters of wires in dry-dock. It is a vastly superior instrument than those we have previously supplied to our ships: no leakages, grease all over the deck and therefore less work than before. (The cost is also less!) After 4,000 meters, the seals are still holding-up well. All in all, ships staff and self are very satisfied.”

The Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator will be on show at the International Work Boat Show, from December 4-6, 2019 at the Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, La. The Sea Air Space Exposition is the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and is not to be missed. 

We invite you to come and see the Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator in action on booth 319. You will be able to see a live demonstration of the Viper MKII and talk to our staff about how the Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator can increase productivity, reduce downtime and save you money. 

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