Cox Powertrain Raises the Benchmark in Marine After-Sales

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Published Sep 8, 2020 11:35 AM by Cox Powertrain

Since the market launch of Cox Powertrain’s high torque, high-performance diesel outboard back in November 2018, the company has been working hard to put a comprehensive aftersales infrastructure in place to support its eagerly awaited engine. Cox understands that when a vessel is out of service for engine maintenance, operations are hindered, which in turn affects revenue. The company aims to minimize engine downtime, ensuring customers get maximum use out of their Cox diesel outboards, make the servicing process as easy and clear as possible, keeping customers regularly informed of progress and allowing them  access to the most up to date information at all times.

To achieve this, Cox has set up a premium 24/7 customer support service to work in harmony with its international distributor and dealer network and created a one-of-its-kind online portal that allows customer to manage all of their own servicing needs online.

The premium aftersales service provides immediate support to customers no matter where they are in the world. Alongside this, Cox has developed its own sophisticated Field Service portal through which customers and distributors have exclusive access to manage customer service and maintenance requests. Customers will have access to a host of information about their outboard and are able to request technical assistance, view status of warranty cases and access useful articles, manuals, and guides to help them operate their vessel safely and efficiently. Regular communication about the progress of any work being carried out will provide reassurance and clarity.

For Cox distributors the portal will be a vital tool for scheduling and dispatching technicians swiftly and recording progress and status of jobs as they are carried out so that customers remain informed and satisfied. Technicians have access to Cox’s Field Service lightning app, which displays the job details and provides a step by step guide on how to complete the job. This is supported by Cortona 3D, a technical publication software which works with Cox’s design system and CAD model to generate detailed 3D animations of the procedures that need to be carried out.

Cox’s Field Service portal platform logs and tracks every single outboard throughout its lifespan, from production line to destination, recording everything from purchaser information to service history so that information can be accessed easily at the touch of a button. It was Cox’s ambition to deliver a unique and game-changing approach to customer service for dealers and end users. To help them achieve this, they looked at some of the tried and tested methods used by the automotive industry and adopted a similar approach for its marine customers.

“We have worked tirelessly to ensure that the CXO300 will be recognised as a world-first initiative with years of dedicated forethought behind it, but it would be a discredit to our customers to suppose that that this in itself is enough,” says Stephen Pitt, Cox Powertrain Global Aftersales Manager. “A premium product of this nature demands a similarly first-class, best-practice support network, and in this respect the automotive industry is streets ahead of the limited assistance capability which generally characterises the outboard market. It’s for this reason that we are endeavouring to set a new standard of service in this context, which is surely no less than a discerning customer base deserves.”

“It’s all about removing stress and difficulty from the equation and making our aftersales service not just all-inclusive, but also easily accessible,” adds Stephen Pitt. “We have seen outboards becoming increasingly popular in recent years because maintenance and overhaul procedures are comparatively straightforward; but for us, being able to guarantee reliability right across the board is a central consideration within our corporate ideology, hence our pledge to take aftersales to the next level.”

Eleven years in development, the commercial rated CXO300 has been designed and developed from a blank sheet, specifically for marine use. Production of the CXO300 commenced in May 2020 and outboards are now being delivered globally into the field.

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