BASS Sets the Standard with Integrated, Data-Driven Suite

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By The Maritime Executive 07-30-2019 05:10:00

BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems has always been a powerful software suite that streamlines ship operations to boost productivity. Now, the suite’s latest iteration is also a testament to BASS’ solid two-pronged approach that integrates BASSnet™ modules for holistic coverage, while embodying the suite with powerful data-driven analytics and predictions. With BASSnet™, vessel data is no longer a ‘white elephant’ sitting on the sidelines of the fleet management process. 

Integrated Suite of Modules

As a unified system, BASSnet™ has strategically diverged from the traditional paradigm often seen in maritime software: multiple piecemeal systems that can lead to cross-compatibility issues, high costs and tricky implementation. 

Instead, the ‘single platform’ strategy behind BASSnet™ makes the fragmented nature of traditional systems a thing of the past. BASSnet™ is consistent in design, platform and user experience, with functionality and content that streamlines business processes across disparate sections of vessel and office management. 

For example, the BASSnet™ Projects (Dry-docking) module is tightly integrated with powerful Procurement, Maintenance and Financials modules to capture all aspects of the docking process flow, including the supplier-quotation chain and machinery status. In addition, BASSnet’s HSEQ module is integrated with Crewing and Maintenance features; this prioritises safety at all levels. BASSnet™ is also a powerful tool to aid in meeting compliance requirements in a complex regulatory environment, providing extensive functionality, reporting and data privacy tools.

As a complete enterprise solution for maintenance, operational, safety and financial management, BASSnet™ gives ship managers and owners the freedom and confidence to focus their attention and resources on delivering results for their main business, instead of getting bogged down in diverse, incompatible systems from multiple providers. This was a fundamental reason for the recent deal inked between BASS and the Wallem Group, a key endorsement of BASSnet’s superior functionality as an integrated suite of modules.

Data-Driven Value

The use of a single database is a foundation of the centralised experience that BASSnet™ offers. A single database ensures data consistency and integrity. Also, new vessels can be up and running with the application installed swiftly and easily. The likelihood of data duplication is avoided, while data accuracy is substantially increased. This makes it easy to build high-quality PMS databases, for instance. 

In addition, ship owners can be assured of accurate and seamless data collection to drive powerful analytics and predictions, with predictive maintenance being integral to prevent unscheduled downtime.

Data-driven analytics are a vital facet of BASS’ success. In this age of ‘big data’, it is essential for ship owners to capitalise on the wealth of information available across a fleet of vessels to provide valuable insight into the workings of the corporate engine. This drives clear management strategies on a fleet-wide basis. However, randomised sets of information are of no use to decision-makers on the go. 

BASSnet™ is a solution that not only enables comprehensive data capture but also integrates, consolidates and translates that data into actionable intelligence via in-depth trend and pattern analysis. This mature data strategy fully utilizes the significant cache of collected information to create value. 

For example, comprehensive overview tools provide a ‘helicopter’ view of fleet performance, compliance, machinery status and urgent issues that may arise. This facilitates optimization of the fleet inventory and maintenance plan at all times. Ship owners can also access informative data and KPI charts to spot weak points or limitations in their business processes, making it easier to craft effective maintenance plans for cohesive operations.

With BASSnet’s use of data and analytics, ship owners can be assured of increased operational efficiency, productivity and revenue growth, a valuable trifecta reinforced by suite-driven cost savings and optimal employment of resources. 

Global Connectivity through Mobile & Web Applications

In a globalised environment, connectivity on-the-go is a ‘must-have’ for executives worldwide. BASS has taken note of the exciting opportunities provided by worldwide connectivity, and is already in the process of transitioning all modules to web applications. Part of this move comes in the form of convenient mobile apps. These tools give immediate access to fleet information, helping decision makers, administrators and crew to make informed, time-sensitive decisions anywhere and anytime while easing real-time communication between vessels and the office. 

The BASSnet™ Web Portal, for example, provides online access to useful key performance indicators and compliance information to guide sound decision-making from ship or shore. Users can also instantly review and approve time-sensitive items without delay. As for mobile solutions, the BASSnet™ Inventory app is invaluable for real-time material management during stock-takes while walking onboard a vessel. The upcoming BASSnet™ Crew Portal app similarly provides instant access to crew members’ personal information, schedule, training, compliance and travel arrangements. 

Conveniently Available in the Cloud

Alongside the transition to web applications, BASSnet™ is proud to be at the forefront of another frontier in digitalisation – cloud services. Under the banner of BASSnet™ SaaS (Software as a Service), customers can easily access BASSnet™ in the cloud without the burden of upfront infrastructure, platform and software costs. Management and maintenance of software and hardware are handled fully by BASS, with comprehensive support services ensuring uninterrupted and smooth system usage. Essential preventive and pro-active monitoring and management services by BASS experts are also primed to drive significant cost-savings for ship owners over the long term.

Vision for the Future

2019 has seen the culmination of several successful initiatives spearheaded by BASS’ forward-thinking and future-proof strategy, with BASSnet™ Fleet Management Systems becoming a much sought-after solution in the maritime marketplace. The big question now is: what’s next? 

With the rapid pace of digitalisation overtaking traditional ecosystems, BASS is excited to explore a number of new and developing technologies. Multi-platform products, machine learning, artificial intelligence and IOT-enabled devices are spheres of interest planned to lead future offerings. With an eye on the future, and as an industry-proven solution from a reputable and established provider, BASSnet™ is in a prime position to fuel what is becoming an exceptional growth story and create even greater value for ship owners, managers and crew.

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