A Cost-Effective, Environmentally Compliant Sealing Solution

wartsila sls

Published Nov 16, 2020 4:57 PM by Wärtsilä Shaft Line Solutions

You don’t need to build a vessel around a seal. Nor take apart an engine room to install an environmentally compliant one. The Wärtsilä Airguard two pipe system can be easily installed which means less time in dry dock, less space in the engine room and more time on focusing on business operations.

Based on the original Wärtsilä Airguard, the innovative two pipe system can be retrofitted into vessels or installed direct on to new builds. It also has improved seal lubrication and cooling with the internal oil circulator to allow for higher performance, all while adhering to the latest environmental regulations.  

If you’re looking for an oil lubricated seal that can be installed without having to remove the propeller shaft, then look no further than the Wärtsilä Airguard two pipe system. Take a look at our infographic below to find out more about its features and benefits.

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